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Need Some Advice


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Hey guys, need some more help/advice:


Was told that a Granatelli MAF tuned for a CAI would not be beneficial without an aftermarket intake, a bigger cam, and or head work. Does anyone know if this is truly the case?


Thanks in advance - Steve

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Hey man i would descreen your maf its the same there is no reason to get a after market maff if u anit pushing big numbers or if your not peggin your maff do cold air tube and filter stock box is colder air trottle body spacer if u have eletric fans.... cam springs apr head studds rollar rockers and lifters you will have a full rollar top end do a ported truck intake and if u have the money do 243 stock heads but rember your trans need some upgrades trust me i learned :fart: the hard way........

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Desceeening your MAF does absolutley nothing in terms of performance.....it is actually there to straighten the airflow coming into engine. DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT ON THIS, it is pointless. :ughdance:


:withstupid: descreening the MAF only causes and irradic reading wich can lead to problems with the PCM and your trucks tune. Just keep the stock MAF until you max it out. to max it out you will need about 7-8# of boost and high rpm. At that point you might want to run speed density or try the lingenfelter 100mm MAF as stated before

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