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Torsion Bar Bags


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I know you can't do it on the SS, but does anyone make a air bag kit for the V-MAX with torsion bars? The only other alternative is to go with spindles, keys (bad idea?). I'd like to get atleast 3" more out of the front and can't find a way to get there. I've already cranked on the factory keys to get 3/4" of drop and could probably get another 1/2" if I cut the bump stops. Please help I need to put it in the weeds.

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do the DJM 3" control arms and Belltech 2" spindles and if you are still not satisfied do the keys. You can get up to a 6-7" drop on the front of these trucks. Are you 2wd?


My little brother's VMAX has 3" control arms and keys and lowered the front about 4.5 inches. Mine has the belltech spindle installed right now and I got the 3" arms I am installing when the weather gets nice.

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