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3 More Excellent Members

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I just would like to thank 3 more awsome members for their items and a very quick smooth transaction.


Porno Joe - For the Ashtray and Retainer.


Riddler - For the SS 3rd Brakelight cover.


shopman1 - For the SS Bowtie.


It's nice to know that a "Newbie to the board" (Me) can be a member for only a couple weeks and still get the great deals and courtesy from the more seasoned members.


I know were not talking high dollar items here, but they have my trust.


Thanks Guys.



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Tzer, Paid right away, great communication, and good member!

(I even tried to talk himout of it) LOL :jester:




LOL @ Danny. Yes you did. But the wife thought I had to have one. so I'll try it for a bit. Can always Ebay it ;)


I'll put some foam behind it so it don't scratch up the lens. heh heh



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