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What Holds The Control Panel To The Door Panel?


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Remove the trim panel and release the securing tabs from behind,then it will push out thru the front.


trim panel is easy to remove,1st remove upper mirror cover by prying outward at top then lift out,remove lock switch by prying the side,remove 7mm screw from behind,remove 7mm screw from panel just above inner handle cover plate,remove cover plate from around inner handle by prying the side closest to the handle then pull side ways releasing the front edge,then lift trim panel straigt up releasing it from the slip notches in the door shell and pull outward.


You should be able to see the back of the panel broken from there,if you need more room roll window down,if that is not enough you must release the wiring from the switches,they are all easy but one you will need a small flat screwdriver to push down the top of it and allow pulling back the roll type connector.BECAREFULL that one breaks easy.


Good luck.

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