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Whats The Difference?

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What is the difference in these 2 switches?



Window Switch 1 link for pic above EDIT: click the link the pic show 2 different switches. Wanting to know the difference between the MSD and the Harris Speed Works switch




Window Switch 2


I know that one retards the timing but is that really neccesary if my tune will take care of that? Is it really neccesary to spend the extra money on the second one or will the first one be sufficient?

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In that MSD pic it looks like one is a rpm activated switch and one is a rpm activated window switch. You need a rpm activated window switch cause it has to be able to shut it off at a certain rpm, unless youre gonna spray through shifts which I hear is bad in most street setups... I have a trick performance window switch check that out, great customer service too if you have any problems: TRICK

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