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Rear Window Replacement Arms


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I have been searching this forum and ebay trying to find the longer replacement arms to snug up the rear latches. I found a thread from Bill04ss showing the install but can't find where he purchased them. Anyone know if these are still available anywhere? Thanks.

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GM replaced my side windows under warranty as well, but they refused to pay to have them retinted!

Well 18 months later same noise is back and WORSE!


It didn't get bad until I actually opened the windows again.

It has to do with the way the window "seat" is glued into the body.

the body shop that did mine explained it very well and they are fully aware it is a design problem but once you are out of warranty don't expect squat.

He even told me to leave them closed for as long as I could so that the seal did not get disturbed.


Ordering the fix off ebay right now!

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