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Hey there guys. Whats everyone up to? It has been awhile.


But wanted to update all to what i have done. I have got my 2" full drop on and am now getting the leather done. I had got my 06 new and wanted cloth because i wanted the middle front seat( knowing i would go leather later). I am going charcoal with the SS in all 4 headrest in silver and Black sued perferrated in all four inserts. I will get pics when all done. Feel kinda blue for i have it in the garage but no seats.


Has any body else done anything differnt with thiers?

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I had thought about that as well. But i got a company here i know through all the car shows i do in albuquerque. i AM GETTING IT ALL DONE FOR 1200.00. That is not bad. With Katzkin it was 1400.00 and i had to do what they could do.

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