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Wtb: Passenger Cowl


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Anyone delete their antenna and purchase the passenger cowl no hole peice then decided to put the antenna back?

Well if you did I'm needing that cowl peice #15113342 if your not going to use it.


I called the dealer and it was $14.53 (Not a stocked item)

I need to pay for it first they said and I've just been to lazy to go do it LOL


So I thought I'd check with the members here before ordering it. I did look online and found it for $8.92 but the shipping was insane. Yea I would save maybe .20¢


I know this is stupid but if your not using it, may as well make a few bucks back :D



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go thru gmpartsdirect.com. same part number. shipped to your door will probably be a few bucks cheaper. that's who I went thru.


Thanks but that's who I looked up and it only came out to be like .20¢ cheaper. I'm sure the dealer won't charge shipping, but gmpartsdirect had some pretty high shipping. I'll check it again for the h3ll of it.

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Thanks guys

I just ordered one from the dealer today. $16.66 out the door and yes it's not a stocked item so I'll get it tomorrow or Monday.


It's funny I called the dealer lastweek and it was $14.53 but when I looked online today (gmpartsdirect.com) they said it was $15.48 Dealer cost. Their cost was $9.50 BUT their shipping and handling was $10.95 :| Totaling $20.45


So by going directly to the dealer and paying sales tax. I saved $3.79


I asked the parts guy about the increase and he said the first of each month prices ususally change. Damn!


I know it's a stupid post but it's good information.


You really wouldn't save nothing for this item from gmpartsdirect.com, Now they might do better on other items or more combined items but their shipping is a killer.

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