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Mass Air Flow Problems


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i bought a 80mm bbk throttle body and put it on and when i took it out at first the truck was idling at 30mph. when i punched it it killed the truck at 90mph. it doesn't shut it off but says reduced engine power. i gave it time and now it idles fine but still shuts it off at 90mph at full throttle when shifting and 100mph at full throttle just leaving it in drive. any ideas?

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for one your pcm will take up to 2 days or so to relearn the bigger tb and if your getting reduced engine power check all your ground wire and check the tb plug i make sure there is no lose wires

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REP indicates a potential major issue with the TB, wiring to the TB or the TAC more than likely. Of all the times that my truck went into REP (about 15x), only one was not associated with the TB/TAC. I would check the wiring and most of all check that the TB you purchased was designed for your year and model truck. If the PCM is seeing different TPS voltages from the new TB compared to the stock, it will go into REP immediately.


BTW, moisture in the wire connectors will cause REP as well.

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