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Gemtop Gt Classic Cover Install

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Hey all,


For those of you thinking about the Gemtop Gt Classic here is a rundown on my buying experience and installation issues along with my overall feel of the product. I purchased the top from Sport Truck Connections in Cali. The top came directly from the manufacturer in Oregon painted to match the truck. Victory Red. The paint matched perfectly, but does have some holograms due to the buffing process for the paint. I hate this so I am going to spend some time with a DA polisher to try and get them out. Fit and finish of the top was top notch. The only thing you don't get is a light, but I would never use it anyway. The unit cost $755 but there are add on's that raised the price close to what I could have gotten a Gaylord lid for. They charge you $89 for the carpet on the underneath plus $39 if you want an extra lock. It only comes with one in the center. The original mounting hardware is designed to drill into the side rail of the bed, but I opted for the clamp style type which cost me another $39. Then they charge you $40 to box it. So the over all price was about $980 not including the shipping cost which was another $107.



When the unit arrived it was boxed like it was going oversees. When I open the box the lid was wrapped in paper sheets Styrofoam and lying on thick Styrofoam sheets. It was also being held in place by foam blocks that where pushed into the sides of the lid. See the picture. The problem is that they put these on before the paint was cured and it has left some spotting. Again I should be able to get these out with my DA polisher. Other then that the lid came defect free which was nice for a change. It shipped with two keys and all the mounting hardware. The only thing it was missing was the original mounting hardware that I thought I was also getting.



Now onto the installation. The instructions were pretty easy to follow except for the hardware part. The clamps had to be put together so once those were done we got them on the truck. The clamps came with double sided sticky tape so you had to be careful not to touch the bed rail with the tape or it would stick and they are a pain to pull back off. So make sure your measurements are right on or you will be spending time peeling them back off and getting new tape. The tape is supposed to keep them from moving, but this did not happen. Once the clamps were all tightened up we put the lid on to make sure everything was square. We then noticed that the weight of the lid while in the raised position was pulling the back of the clamps up so we ended up having to drill two screws into each side to keep it from popping up. Something I wanted to stay away from, but ended up having to do any way. After final inspection we tightened up all the clamps and installed the gas struts. The lid fits really nice and is flush with the bed rails. It covers all the stake pockets and sits square on the bed. The lid weighs about 100 pounds so it is pretty easy to handle if I ever have to remove it. The mechanism that is designed to let it pivot is a little different then what I have seen before, but works well and allows for easy removal of the lid. The kit comes with two pieces of clear tape that is used at the bulkhead of the bed to keep the lid from digging into the rail once open. We had these in the wrong place so I have a small scratch on one end.



The lid came with two locks with little pull handles under each lock. I really did not like the look of these so I took them off. Gives it a cleaner look.



Overall it is a great product and gives the truck a sleek look. If I were to do it again I would not order the clamp style and just stick with the regular hardware. Now onto the pics. I know this was long winded, but I wanted to give a full overview for those thinking about this top. I give it a 8 overall. Enjoy!

























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wow sold!!! when i can save some cash im def gonna get my hands on one and since you stated these problems ill def be care not to let it happen on mine thanks alott for the info......hope it works out the truck looks awsomeeee!!!

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truck looks real nice with the cover on, so is the 100lbs you mention pretty accurate for the weight of the cover?


Ya, give or take a few pounds. I really did not notice that the back of the truck dropped any due to the lid.

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quick question for anyone that has experience with fiberglass covers....what do your bed rails look like after the cover has been installed for a while, does the paint get scuffed from the cover riding on it?


Most of the covers will have the rubber stripping to protect the bed, but over time it will wear down and get to the paint. The paint will wear off over time due to the twisting and flexing of the bed. If you want to alleviate that get some of the same stuff they use to protect the front of cars and lay it on the bed rails. That is what I will be doing to make sure the paint does not wear.

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off topics but what parts did you use to lower your truck.... looks great btw.


The only thing that is on it are lowering shackles in the back. Nothing else that I am aware of. I have been told that the truck sits lower then most. Not sure why. I have done nothing to lower the truck since I got it. but that may change soon.

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How do the locks/latches work on that top?

Is it as secure as any other top like a gaylord for example?


Any pics of the locking/latching system?



btw,It looks great on your truck!


much thanks!

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