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Fabbed Up My Switch Panel And Gauge Holder


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ha didnt know you had the same thing lol


yeah but it looks real clean and you don't have that pillar pod thing so no one can tell....you doing a lil more with the buttons though...i only have the 2 that can be seen and the heater switch is in the console glovebox

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Nice work! :thumbs:


Hey Mean05... do you have any trouble with your leg hitting those switches on the side of the console?


i ride with the seat all the way back and my leg stays away from it....now when other people drive and move my seat they hit it...thats why i just pull the relay which is right behind the switch :D

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Looks nice. Are you going to paint them?



probably not. I really like the stainless look.


great job Ben...looks nice


yeah im thinkin I should have been an engineer instead lol :jester: j/k

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