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Efilive V2

blackbeast ss

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ok just got efilive v2 and i also got a new laptop with vista and im having a hell of a time trying to download the cd software and usb drives.everytime i insert the disk a pop up comes out saying that the applicatinhas failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect.please see the application event log for more details.whatever the hell that means does enybody know why im having these problems?

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got a hold of justin and he email me a step by step on how to install it on vista and is working like a champ on vista, he is wiorking on my new tune now :devil: ill keep you guys posted and thanks again............... :thumbs:


good to hear u got it going Ivan. Reynaldo(chpspecial) just tuned my truck with EFI-Live this past weekend and it feels lik a completed different truck, i can only image wat it will do to ur's. keep in contact with .justin. he's the man when it comes to EFI, Rey has learned a lot from him and im absolutely happy with the way mine turned out so im sure he can help u out a lot with the tuning ur truck.



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