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Running The Ss On Water?


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Hahaha! That's as good as Direct Exhaust Injection and Sand Injection... :lol::freak:


















.........but this day and age, who knows, maybe it could happen :dunno:

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theres a series of shows that runs on discovery HD called futurecar and they touched on hydrogen power.


it is the best eventual solution, the problem is infrastructure to support it... in other words converting all gas stations to hydrogen stations. Its crazy b/c a hydrogen powered car uses only a portion of the energy that the fuel creates you could actually plug your car into your house at the end of the day and power it off of the reserves.


The only emmission is water... clean drinkable water... that alone is insane.

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You gotta figure that the petroleum companies will fight this or buy this to keep us addicted to gas. And when they get it we will be paying for it like we pay $2 for a bottle of water. Wow, that sounds like my glass is half empty. :jester:

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