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She's Alive!

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It's been 3 months since my trans went out. I've been driving my dad's beater truck ('94 Sonoma, 4 cyl, at, NO CRUISE!!!) this whole time and can't believe I finally drove my SS this morning. It's almost sureal...


What went into the build:


Kevlar band

New GM drum/shell (just to be sure, I decided not to chance a cracked or warped part)

Cryo treated input shaft (stock one sent out)

Z-Pak clutches/steals

Trans Go HD shift kit (set for the medium shifts, not neck snapping)

Drilled and tapped for pressure sending unit (not yet installed, for wiring a gauge later to monitor pump pressure).

'vette second servo

FLT aluminum accumulators kit

3000 Yank stall

Probably forgetting something else, but oh well!


...and lots of calls to FLT (thanks guys!!!), and thanks to Steve (Mr. P.) for the long talk the first night to get me in the right mindset to pull this off. :cheers:

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Good to hear she's back up and running. Now we just need to settle up on you FLT tech phone bill. :jester:


:P Fine, I'll forward it on to ATSG and Trans Go for having bad pictures in their manuals that didn't quite match the trans I have. All of those calls from me were something like: "Can you describe what (insert part name here) looks like? I think I have it figured out, but I want to be sure..." I made sure and spaced out the calls by several weeks so that you wouldn't detect me as a "problem caller", LOL!


Actually, it just took me that long to build it because I'd assemble or clean a part, then I would realize that I should upgrade or research a part in that area of the transmission before proceeding. I was always working on Saturday night, then would wait until Monday to talk to people, call shops, etc. 3 months to build, so I hope I did something right!






Oh, I forgot to tell you guys the best part!!!! I had to bench press the transfer case up into place, hold it with one hand, and start the nuts with the other hand!!! I couldn't get my jack to go high enough and the transmission adapter plate was to bulky to use at that part of the truck, so after an hour of trying to mess with it, I just wriggled it onto my chest while laying under the truck and said "OK, here goes nothing..." and it happened to line up on the first try. :crazy:

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:thumbs: Yeah I live for that :rolleyes:


All I could think about was "don't smash my hands"... :cheers:


When I was taking things apart, I did break a 1/2" extension though. It must have been cracked because I was only putting forearm pressure on it to turn over the engine (to reach converter bolts). When it snapped, I smashed my right thumb on the front crossmember, which resulted in a prett severe bruise (I couldn't bend my thumb much at all). I changed extensions, used my left hand to rotate to the next converter bolt, and slipped off of the crank bolt and smashed the back of my left hand, which resulted in another bad bruise. I was done for that day... :rolleyes:

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...no tranny install/removal would be complete without a bruised hand (or two) lol

Hey as long as you can hold a drink afterwards it's all good :lol::cheers:


Yeah whoever the guy was at GM that said "you know, we need a completely closed bellhousing on the 4L60E so nobody will be able to get a wrench in there" should be tied down to an Oklahoma fire-ant mound. :mad:


Mr. P.

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