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Grills On Ebay?

Bryan Roush

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I was looking on Ebay at grills. Alot of them are kinda cheap in price. Has anyone bought there grills off of Ebay? And which one is actually the best grill to get? Fitment wise, price wise? Which ones are junk and I should stay away from them. Thanks for any help. I'm not sure if I posted in the right place or not. Thanks Bryan

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Funny you should bring this up.

I've been so busy researching all kinds of goodies. The wife knew I wanted to get some billet grills. So being the good wife that she is, she ordered some off a guy on Ebay. So when I got home from work on Friday a box was laying on the kitchen table. She says here! I got you something since your so busy researching things LOL


Needless to say I was impressed with how well they were made. Yea some of the bars needed or need to be straightened but nothing to serious. She got me the replacement grills (Not Overlay, which is what I wanted). So on Sat. I installed them and they did fit nice. The bottom vents are a little tricky to align up how you want but not bad at all. and yes you have to remove the license place holder and trim off ¾" off the bottom as in any other 5 pc kits. Also there was no need to center side to side or up and down. They layed in as they should.


I'm very happy with it. Such a good wifey :D


I got to install the Shopman Bowtie as well. I've had it but didn't wan't to install it untill I got grills :cheers:


Here is the result.




Hope this helps you decide. I think she gave $135.00 for the Replacement set, The overlay set was $125.00 but she emailed the seller and asked about the Replacment set and they replyed that they had a few left and to just add $10.00 and note "Replacement Set" in the paypal remarks.

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Tzer those look pretty good. I looked online at the carriage works. I haven't quite made up my mind yet. Thanks for the ideas. I'll let you know when i get a set.

LOL I was in the same situation.

But the wife figured for the price what the heck. So after seeing them they seemed worthy of an install.


Good luck on your choice Killer SS :cheers:

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Picked this one off of ebay for 95 bucks and it installed nice. Cut out Top center of factory and it came out pretty clean. No nasty overlay. Kinda a rip for shipping. Luckily I was 20 min away so I picked it up for free. About a third the price of most 5 piece kits out there. Item number #170200653864

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