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Low Sub Volume.

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Hey all, i picked up a used ss and after the purchase i noticed the rear speakers wernt working. I took the console apart and found coffee from the previous owner all nice and crustified all over the console. :crazy: After cleaning i thought thats probably whats wrong with the rear speakers. After i took the amp out and cleaned it to my surprise it works!! :dunno: Now heres my question. Before my sub (stock ) sounded pretty damn good, now that the rear chanel is on its about half the volume it was. Would the blows amp send the grounded rear channels power to the sub, and now that i got the rear going decrease the power to the sub? Not a huge issue but im curious. Thanks

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How is your system set up? If you have are running a separate amp for your subs, I don't think that should happen. If you are running a Line Output Converter, make sure it's hooked up behind the head unit, not behind the amp, assuming you still have the Bose system.

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