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Vent Visors And Bug Shield

Bryan Roush

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I did a search on this already. I'm not sure I found the answers that I was looking for. I'm guessing most everyone says to stay away from bug shields. But what about the in channel vent visors? Also I saw a picture of carbon fiber vent visors who makes these? and my last question is if I go with vent visors which is better two door or four versions? Thanks Bryan

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I have the In-Channel style ventvisors (manufactured by AutoVentShade, or AVS). IMO they are the best style you can buy, and are much much better than the stick on style ventvisors. I only bought the 2 door version, because I figured that the 2 little wings that go over the back windows just look stupid, and are completely pointless/useless...


AFA the bug-shield, GM produces a style that is fairly close fitting and very sleek, it is actually difficult to see looking at it straight on... At some point I will be buying that, but it's not high on my list...


Hope that helps, let us know what you decide to go with! :thumbs:

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IMO none...but if your set on vent visors I say only the 2 door version.
:withstupid: I'm not a fan of bug deflectors on anything. Vevt visors I've had on my last 2 trucks, and I liked them. I'm not putting any on my SS, though, but they do serve a purpose. Don't do the back windows, as that just looks stupid, imo.
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