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Are These Tyco/bosch Relays Anygood?


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egay link to auction

I need to make my fan harness will these relays work or are they cheapo knock offs??


If I went to autozone what should I ask for, remember that they dont really know what parts are you have to provide a make/model. and will they cost alot more??


Finally-fan connection, will the Ls1 fan plug fit the truck fans? where is the cheapest place to get those?

thanks...I have spring mod feaver :cheers:

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Yeah Bosch relays are fine, I would suggest you get the 40A, someone on eBay will be selling them for about the same price. You need 3 relays to do the job right. AFA fan connector, I am not familiar with the LS1 unit, but I know sprayed99 is, I'll see if I can get him to answer for you.


Mr. P.


According to Sprayed99, whose recently wired all these GM fans, the inter-connects are different. He says, "88987983 - GM Electrical Connectors (need 2 of these), that is for the fans"

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