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FIRST OFF..... yes, this is a repost. HOWEVER!!! I am at school and after I use the search button it will not let me open the pages (Page not found) So please be nice lol.


I know Viper makes a good remote start/alarm system, but it seems that the only ones I can find are if someone is breaking into your vehicle. Are there any good ones that could detect if someone was trying to take your rims? Any help is appreciated and once again I am sorry for the repost.

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your lookn for like a shock sensor...if there taken the wheels that trucks going to be rocking. and will set it off. i have a dei 564t remote start alarm and its awsome, pages me when the alarms going off. the sensitivity(sp) is adjustable. when i get my dbl din nav im going to set one up behind there so if there taken it out they will set it off....

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where can i find this stuff. Basically what I want is a remote start alarm system, and anything I need to have the alarm sound if someone is getting too close.


U can get most of it off ebay pretty cheap, but the install is going to cost you. If you was top of the line I would with the


Viper 5900 Alarm/Remote Start

Field Disturbance (Radar) Sensor Vehicle Intrusion Sensor (508D)*

Back-up Battery System Vehicle Battery Disconnect Sensor (520T)*

Digital Tilt Sensor Extra Sensory Protection (507M)*


Those i would recommend at a min. You Will Also have to buy a bypass box for the remote start. It just depends on what you want to spend. The big problem is if you dont buy it from a DEI authorize shop and have them install it you most likely wont get the warrenty that comes with the unit.

Here is a link of the alarm http://www.viper.com/Products/Product.aspx?ProductID=103 and the adds ons http://www.viper.com/Products/Accessories.aspx


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