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Good Deal?


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hey i jsut want some opinions hes got it listed as 26500. kbb stock is around 24000. i got it lowered to 25500 and it looks clean really low milage for up here in AK .well let me know tnx... or should i go lower? im gona get it checked with a mechanic b4 i pull the trigger but need to know what does the mechanic let me know or is it even worth it? 1st time buying a kinda new vehicle



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Looks pretty good. I got my 04 w/ 31k for that price and it was bone stock. I would go for it but I would also have a 3rd party mech check it out. Just make sure it has not been abused and stuff. Other then that it looks pretty good!

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wow that was fast yeah im gona do it gona let a mech look at it and see what he says.. was wondering can i take it to any mechanic?? or will a dealer do it? how much do they cost? im guessin 50- 100? dont know if hell go any lower i offered 25000 but he said that he just posted it up and other crap but then got a call 2 hours later saying 25500 will do...

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