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Gmpp Cai Replacement Filter.....................


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Is anybody else running one of these dry filter CAI's on their truck? I stopped in the dealership to pick up a replacement air filter, and they want over $58 for it------ :wtf: ------------------- I then went around searching for a dry-type cone filter, and came up empty handed..............everything is the "wet" filter type at the auto places around here........ :rolleyes:

So, I guess my question is......Where's a good on-line source for these filters? I looked around on evilBay, but nothing looks worth a ****...................Thanks!-----------------Ed

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but thats easily remedied with a little contact cleaner :P


I totaly agree with you on that. Ive been amazed how many ppl never bother to even clean the MAF though. Its the simple things in life that ppl forget ya know? lol.

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You can clean the dry filter...Remove and tap lightly on ground to knock loose the big stuff then use a vacuum. If that don't get it done then you could rinse it with warm soapy water... :thumbs: Might as well clean th MAF while it's accessible.

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