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I Cant Take It No More


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well this is to high for me and a drop is a must now... so i ask you guys what is thew best drop to go with and let me know if your happy with it.. and also money isnt a issue so i'm willing to spend a grand if need be. i know it wont cost that much but its just to high for me. and i always lowered all of my rides. and i what new shocks as well so let see some drops.or give me some options. note i am two wheel drive and i have torsion bars.

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i knew it was gonna happen sooner or later :D ... anyways blackbeast ss did a beltech 2/2 drop on his 06, and it looks great in person. honestly it looks a lot lower then 2/2, plus he got everything for a little over 3 bills. i'll try an find the thread on it and maybe u can pm him for more details....


EDIT: here's the thread http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.ph...c=41138&hl=



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On my 06 im doing Mcgaughy 17+ spindles, Out back Mcgaughy hangers/shackles. 2/4 or if the back sits lower ima lower the front to make it sit even. But i need new shocks for the rear. Hopefully i get this thing installed soon it's been in my garage for like 2 months.

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Here is my truck with the belltech 2" spindles & 3" leaf springs. Note: front torsion bars are turned down a bit to level it out. I am running stock length replacement edelbrock shocks also.



here is the front straight after adding the spindles.



and then my truck in my sig is stock height.

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