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Anyone Driving Though Canada?


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watup... alright im going to be moving soon (military) and will be going from alaska to arizona so my question is has anyone been through canada? cuz im thinking of either driving or takin a ferry to washington and not go though canada... heard their roads suck.... so if i do drive though canada i will put about 2000 more miles on my trucks than if i take the ferry...which is about 1500 from washington to arizona. total is kinda close to 3500/4000 area.. let me know what u guys know/think tnx

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roads are not to bad. drive is pretty nice along the coast depending on wheather. just depends if you would rather drive or float. i havent personally been as far north as alaska so i dont know what the roads are like up there. some nice twisties along the coast with some pretty cool views. hope this helps. enjoy your trip either way.

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