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Drove My Truck For The First Time In Almost 4 Months


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Wow I missed it! It started after a little charge and the ehxaust is still music to my ears. I am getting some thing next week that is going to add to the exhaust note :devil:


It took a while to relearn some of the idle b/c the battery is dead and I wonder if it is time for a new battery. But I know for sure I am ready to get the rest of my mods on :cheers:


I have so much planned...but I will start a new post in a while in the right section :wtf:


I know it will be in the 20's the next few nights but spring is here!

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I drove my SS on Wed, the first day in a few months. Mine started right up, but I also have a charger thing that I keep plugged into it. I've still got the original battary, I'm thinking I'll replace it this summer.


Oh, and what's nice weather? :dunno: for the past 9 months it's either raining all the time or snowing. There are mus slides all over the place.

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So, Joe, you're planning on beating me by more than .1 this year? :jester:

Bob I am glad you are around to keep me in check, not too many people have a good base line for compairing their mods. I look forward to beating you again :cheers:

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