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Echo Gets Adopted


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For all of the pet lovers on this site, and those of us who talked about Echo and the Pedigree Commercial (In the Chatroom).... The wife and I would have adopted Echo in a second ... along with most of america...



- The tear jerker commercial does have a happy ending ...


Bonus ....



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It was sad seeing that ad where echo gets passed up in the kennel. I never seen that there was a new one on him getting a home, nor did I know there was a series of ads for other dogs. I'm thinking the dogs in the ads are not really up to be adopted, that they really do have a home and just want you to think other, but I could be wrong.

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Its sad how many unwanted dogs there are. I always wished they could come up with some pet rotation from shelter to shelter. Maybe every 2 months the unadopted dogs get moved to another shelter in another city. Just because no one is interested in adopting a particular dog here doesnt mean there isnt someone in another town thatwouldnt. Just my .02

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Now that I will have a house again with a big yard, I will be looking for a dog when I get back to the states. I always get dogs out of the pound. They are some of the most loyal dogs out there.


Adrian, I hope the dogs get along with the water buffalo...... :jester:









Sorry I had to :P

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