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Manufacture Location.


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All the SS trucks are assembled at the Oshawa Assembly plant Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.




There is not a production number associated with the SS's, Production volume info for each year can be found by searching this site.


I was able to get my build date from a member here, any dealer should be able to tell you the Build date based on your VIN

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Our Trucks were made right here (just below the green arrow), about 15 min East of my house in Pickering and 30 mins East of Toronto. :D



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Yeah they are, what's interesting is my girlfriend has an 07 Avalanche and if you look on the frame it's stamped Made in Mexico. Anyone know if things changed in 2007?


No, all of the Avalanches/Tahoes/Suburbans are made in Mexico. Trucks are still made in Canada at the Oshawa plant.

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That's not the entire story -


ALL late-model GM extended cab trucks were made at Oshawa, this is true; however SSS trucks after being completed were transported by rail to Quantum Techstar where the cladding and other SSS-specific pieces were fit by hand, then delivered from there to dealers.


Mr. P.


ps - just did a google, it was Tecstar Automotive Group (a division of Quantum Tecstar); they're located in Goshen, IN.

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When the SSS were built they stored them in a yard down by the lakeshore. You could see them from the boardwalk along Lake Ontario, was worth the walk to see that many SSS's all in one location at the same time.

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