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Camaro Got Some Goodies


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had a bunch of suspension mods collecting dusts and finally got my springs to drop it . so all day today i dropped this thing. luckily i had all the right tools and some help from a friend. the install on this car is alot more complex than the truck for sure.


for example i had to pull the master cylinder to get to the mounting bolts for the struts. had to remove the top part of the spindle from the ball joint to get the springs out. the rear was a bit easier. i had to pull all the carpeting back from the trunk to the rear seats and the side panels on the rear. i had to weld the lower control arm relocation brackets. fix part of the exhaust that would scrap going over a penny . but the results were pretty good.


i now have no more wheel hop , a bit better traction throught the first gears. an awesome stance and the handling is amazing it responds so fast to the wheel . this thing can aut x with great results. it handles better than my friends beamer.


i did try something to get a bit more drop in the rear which i think gave me to much , this involved using some 5/8ths heater hose and pulling the rubber bushing that rested between the top of the rear spring and the perch.


for the install i used the following parts


koni 4/4 shocks

strano springs

bmr lca's

bmr lca relocation brackets

and a adjustable pan hard bar i had made


also have bmr subframe connectors i didnt have time to install today but will be shortly

here are the pics,













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they are 315/35/17's on some american racing torque thrusts 2's. i did however sell the rims today and will be shipping them sometime next week.


i am waiting to find a good deal on some fikse forged wheels . size will be the same on them with the big o fat meats in the rear. the cast wheels were killing the cars speed which i was getting tired of. so im going to roll on the stock ss 10 spokes for a minute to find some fikse wheels. bad thing is they are over 3k new for just 17's. then the good year f1(pictured above) are almost 350 each for the rear and the front are about 250 so im looking at over 1200 for tires. i can find them on ls1tech for a hell of alot less so im just waiting to find a set.

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