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Custom Or Bolt-on

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I was thinking that I wanted to buy the corsa sport exhaust, but went to the local exhaust shop to price some, and he said that it would be cheaper to buy the muffler and do custom exhaust rather than buy the bolt up kit. If I was to do this do you think I should do all stainless steel exhaust or not? Or any other suggestions? :confused:

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Yea undecieded on what I am going to do. I have flowmaster on my 94 Z71 and like it, but I do not want that sound on my SSS. Was going for more of a sport sound, I guess you could say, something that would make the truck stand out and give it a nice performance sound, rather than just being loud. I like the sound of the corsa sport based upon soundclips, even though it does cost alot of $$$. Thats why I was debating on wether to go custom and try to save money or just buy the kit.

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Bolt on's are always gonna be better unless you have a mandrel bender. Nice smooth pipes are what we want. But then I have a custom cheap system and it looks like a custom cheap system. I have never seen a custom that lines up perfect at the tail pipes from a basic muffler shop. I have seen perfection from a custom mandrel bend system but they are about the same price. You get what u pay for. I am going corsa next time around. You just want sound then replace the muffler only and save your $$$$

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