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More Pictures- Got Headlight Covers On


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I put some $50 headlight covers on last week, and painted the emblem up front. I was planning on taking off the SS emblems and painting them black too. How hard is it to get em off? Are they just glued on?






How do ya like em? I cant decide if I like it better with em or without. I only got these cause Im retrofitting HID projectors in some headlights and it would look dumb if you could see all the crap in there. Heres what it looked like before-


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wow that turned out great!!!


The emblems are just stuck on there. To make things a little easier use some masking tape to stick over the emblems, that way they keep their proper alignment. Then tie some fishing line to 2 pencils & use it as a saw & they will cut right through the old adhesive, then if you can heat up the left over residue it should roll right off with your fingers, unless you have one of those pinstripe removers that fit on your drill. (They work great & are well worth the money)


My truck didn't have emblems on it when I got mine & I used some 3M automotive trim double sided tape. Stuck it on the back & trimmed with an exacto knife, then cleaned the spot on the truck with rubbing alcohol & then stuck them on.

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I REALLY like with what you are doing to your truck. I love the blacked out look myself, but I have a thing for chrome wheels.


That would be sweet to get the SS emblems in black chrome, but I am sure it would be spendy.

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