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Catch Can


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ive got two on my truck i have a moroso breather catch can ran off the oil fill cap. ( i used a billet oil cap , tapped it and ran a -12 an line to the moroso can mounted to the frame.


i also have an amw catch can ran from the intake (pre blower) to th pcv on the valve cover.



here are a few pics i have , its kind of like where waldo though ill try and help


this is the amw




in this pic, its right below the bottom meth nozzle in the shadow , its a black can






in this pic you can see the moroso breather can , the snout of the water pump pulley aims right at it .





here you see the amw black catch can mounted to the passenger side head below the blower piping .





and here you see how i mounted the morosa breather can to the oil fill cap.

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cool. thanks for the pics Chase. Now I just have to make the spots go away from my vision from your shiny motor lol. I just thought after seeing it mentioned a couple times, a catch can would be a nice little upgrade to help keep the intake track clean.


Sorry, not intending to hijack this thread

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forgot to ass the amw is a very nice can and probably the most attractive but there are other out there for far less and look good too.


the amw also comes with a mounting bracket for ls1's but all thats needed is a small piece of aluminum ( like 1/8th thics 1 inch wide and about 4-5 inches long. drill a couple holes and boom you have a bracket.

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