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Transmission Slipping Not Sure Which Way To Go

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ok yeah.. mine is slipping. I talked to zippy, we figured between 1000 and 1500 and 2 to 3 days in repairs is an estimate. Im not complaining in anyway about that.

I am working out the logistics in the time of the truck being down, getting a rental (that works into the cost too), getting home from zippy's etc.

With that in mind, 616 of 933 and i found the following links, and I would like comments and thoughts on which way people would go

this tranny is 900, looks basically stock, and free shipping. it allows me to keep my core for doing anything i want.. maybe building it up on the side???


this is sprayed99, if he has it, upgraded, but more money



this is posi12bolt's from last years..



and this one is really upgraded, and free shipping of the unit, and free shipping of the core return




now, the upside to any of these,.. they are a RR of about 7 hours instead of 3 days, and cuts out the car rental and how to get home from zippy's.. I AM NOT TRYING TO CUT ZIPPY OUT.. JUST TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE BEST LOGISTICS AND BANG FOR THE BUCK.

i respect the hell outta zippy.. im just doin research..

please.. give me your comments

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I'm starting to like Sprayed99's trannies. I just sent him a PM about one myself (he builds them, and so does his father if I remember right). If he shoots me a good price on the build I spec'ed out to him, I'm just going to take him up on it. I'm as burned out as my tranny is at the moment and don't want to go through this another time if I mess something up.

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The 4L70 that you linked to has been sold; we get 4L60 cores here for $200, so if you want to keep your original 4L60 you can do so and one can be built for you for only $200 more. There are a few people with these transmissions now in the last couple months, and so far they are all performing great, and for N/A use I am positive they will go the distance. Testing on "high-stress" applications will begin shortly :devil:


Mr. P.

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