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Went To The Track


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finally went to the track today . ill start with the good news , i drove the truck home.


ok thats about it for the good news.


bad news , is the tune needs some serious work. through the first couple pass's i couls only muster a 12.2 @ 109.6 and after slight adjustments a 12.0 @ 112. this tune i have had a few problems. im running methanol and now much of it at all. im seeing 95 ids with about 201 kpa. which translates to 15-16 psi since the da was 3500 feet . now the real problem is the timing tables need alot of work im seeing about 16-18 in the powerband which isnt horrible but not great. i think there is a bit more to be had. the whole time to my afr was between 10.2-10.5 which is losing me quite a but of power. my tuner didnt show so that didnt help much either.


not my biggest concern is my traction is completely gone, i spin completely through first gear. bad , the torque steer from the front end bouncing around is scary. so i think im going to be remoiving my front baer 6 pistons and going back to the alumsports for the front. so i can run my drag radials to try and get some traction. i used to be able to cut 1.6 60fts now i cant even break a 1.75


then i went to use the nitrous and well that deceided it didnt want to participat , so im going to ditch the window switch and run a manual button so i press it and let off as needed. simple easy and effective.


so next track day is soon and the weather should be worse. so i may be waiting for a while to get a decent pass.


ill have some vid of me getting worked by some lightnings up soon.

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I'm going to try and familiarize myself more with hptuners so that I can help you out more. Injector duty cycles should have not been that high for your fuel system and 60# injectors. This was my first time actually playing with meth to and I must say that I didn't like it... and as stated before, these are just shake down passes. It will get better.

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post it up on youtube and streetfire art.


yeah it definatly has more in for sure. just need to get some limit straps to keep the front end from lifting. i think either limit straps or crank the torsion bars all the way up. but that would look funny.

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12.0 with tuning issues,sounds like a problem most of us wouldn't mind having.I know you'll get it ironed out.Have you ever thought of bagging the rear? I have a friend who had traction issue's with his syclone that he resolved by using airbags in the rear.he would pump them up to full capacity while staging and it would limit weight transfer to the rear which helped the front to keep from lifting,he swears by it now,just a thought.

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