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I know I don't have an SS, but the Army didn't pay me enough at the time I was ready to purchase...haha... I just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the site... My name is Steve and it is good to see a site full of Chevy trucks... Later on down the road I plan on dropping a larger motor in the truck so maybe i'll be more worthy of being on this site... anyway I wanted to let everyone know that I think there are some bad a$$ trucks on here and nothin' beats a :chevy: ... take care all... PaYcE!!!!


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welcome, nice looking truck :cheers: what kind of mods have you done?


:D thanx man... the most important mod ive done is the ProCharger P1SC supercharger and custom intake and exhaust... everything else has been mostly cosmetic... I plan to lower the truck more this summer and possibly get some headers... later on down the road I want to get larger crate motor because I plan on keeping this truck forever.


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SS or no SS, that is one sweet ride. Welcome!!!!


Thanks so much.... I bet your ride is pretty sweet too.. In my opinion the Chevy truck is the best ride to trick out because there are endless mods that can be done... my truck is soon to be paid off and i'm struggling with choosing between getting the 09 camaro when it comes out or just getting a single cab ss silverado and making it as fast as possible (since I originally wanted the SS)... what do ya'll think???

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