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Fs Gm Truck E-fans


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i really wanna buy tthem but dont know much about them what exactly do i need to be able to install these and have them work??98
1. remove fan shroud.2. remove fan3. Install new GM fans, using the 2 supplied bolts.4. connect wiring harness to fans, ground, hot, ac, and pin in PCM connector.You get the harness from Nelson or some other guys make them on PT.net and you have a tuner tell the PCM to controll them
OMG I WANT..!! but im ordering my cats .. sending that check TODAY... i cant buy your fans this week.. at least not until my next pay day.. but i want.. .. no strike that. i NEED... damnit
Let me know if you want them and I'll hold them till you have the $$. and I can get a shipping estimate.
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