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Needing Your Prayers

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im saden to say it might that time my grandpa might passing on. this past saturday he went to the hospital because he was have convoltions then the doc checked him out and he had a blood sugar of 1600 and thats no where near normal the doc said in his carrear in the med field he has never seen a patiant with that kind of blood sugar and still be alive. but the good news they got it down to 600 is the last i heard but as far as his kidneys go they are not working at all. but my family has decided if he were to have a heart attack or kiddneys fail or nething esle for the docs or nurses not to revive him :( becuse we dont wanna put him thru ne more pain then hes already been thru so in that note if i could ask u give ur prayers to me and my family i would really apreiciate it thank u



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Johnny so sorry to hear this, it's good to hear that you are able to go see him today. Best wishes to you and your family, lemme know if somehow I can help with more than just moral support.


- Steve.

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sorry to hear man. i know how u feel both of my grndparents are Diabetic and go to the hospital a lot but as of lately it's been more often and i do nothing but FEAR for the worst.... sorry bro prayers go out to u and ur family.


BTW: 1600 is extremely extremely high, having diabetes in the family i have experience with this and average is lik 90-120 (i think). so ur grandfather is definately a soldier and a strong man for still being alive, god bless him...



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