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Nothing They Could Do


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the vet called...if we havent have brought him in last night he would have died...His xrays are full of cancer in his lungs and he is on oxygen now...We have decided to go this afternoon at 2:15 to say goodbye and hold him one last time....



This is so hard...Thanks everyone for their prayers

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brad you have a lot of people that care about you and are willing to do anything for you. let someone else talk with your neighbor. i know in your mind Oscar will always still just be a puppy. now all the poop and piss in the house, all the chewed up personal belongings, doesn't even matter because i can tell you love that pup unconditionally and im sure he loves your just the same. you did all you could do for him. Oscar #2 will make you just as happy but nothing is as good as the original. we're all here for you brad, and you have mine and missa's numbers if you need to talk, yell, cry whatever we'll help ya. you, your family, and oscar are still in our prayers.

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sorry to hear Brad i went thro the same with my 12 year old German Shepard but he had a broken spine and there was nothing they could do for him so we had to put him to sleep.... it F*CKING sucks but ur old pup would've suffered. i know everyone wants to be selfish and keep them longer but it is for the best,keep ur head up bro.



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