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never went for fire works, but I've blown up my share of things over the years. spent 2.5 yrs. combat engineers in the Army.. :cheers: also for a contractor helping to clear old impact areas and bombing ranges. and yes, i still have ALL my fingers :D used mostly C-4 and TNT, det. cord and time fuses. never really liked using electric blasting caps, i carry a lot of static on me all the time.

had a lot of fun most times, but like anything else in life if your not careful, THINGS will/can get away from you.. :lol: did one shot with about 50 500 lbs. and 1,000 lbs. GP bombs that never went off, because some body forgot to remove all the safety's. with the help of 600 lbs of C-4 it all went away in one shot..BOOOM :drool: about an 2 hrs later we got a call from U.S.G.S stating we set off a magnitude 3.8 reading on the rector scale :idiot: the U.S.G.S did NOT have a sense of humor at all over it... :crackup:

always remember.. there is no problem, real or imagined, that can not be rectified with the proper amount of high explosives... :thumbs:



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