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Bonspeeds Are In.

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Unfortunatly they are not going to work since the rear wheel sticks out around 1/2" and the front wheels stick in aound 1". I bought theses of a guy locally for cheap (well compared to new billet wheels) and theses are pratically new.

This is what im going to do to fit my ride:


send in the 3 wheels to us wheels, have 2 of the wheels rehopped to sit flush whit the fender out back(biggest lip possible).


Then have the other wheel rehopped into an 8.5" wide wheel and purchase another 8.5" wheel also to sit flush or tuck alittle. (smaller lip) Im going for the staggered look.


I would of loved to just be able to slap them on the truck but im picky lol.


Let me know what yall think.

Heres some pics.

Front wheel


Back wheel


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you coul dhave the rear end shortened on each side to help them tuck , would be cheaper for sure.



True, i was going to do this but the wheels only have a 3.5" lip, and i want a 5.5 or 6" lip (to make narrowing my axle worth it) :cold:

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Thanks for the compliments.


Also im keeping the front wheels as is, but im going to send the rear wheel and get the biggest lip possible(5.5-6") and order another wheel too, may be sometime but it will get done.lol

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I need you opinions on my new choice.


1. keep the rear wheel whit a 3.5" lip.

2. Get it rehooped to have a 5.5"lip.


Either way my rear end is going to get shortened.


I need your help! since i can't decide....

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