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Congrats Brobradh77!

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Thanks everyone..its been a busy day to say the least...It really didnt set in until i heard the music as I entered the coliseum....alot of emotion hits you then...


I had a nice little cook out at my parents and was only able to invite a few of my closest SSS buddies so I would like to thank Danny(sprayed99),Ashley(FastAsh),Steve(Mr. P), Micheal(PimpSS)and family for making the trip to Wichita to help me celebrate...it was a good time...


This site is definatley extended family to me and it means alot to me to get congratulated by y'all :cheers:


I feel y'all really know me...Y'all even know what I like to drink..lol Thanks keith :)

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Congrats Bro Brad ..... Here's the present I bought you ........ it's an Ipod :jester:



my laptop died....



I could use a new iPod...



did I mention that my bday is in a few days???


ok, its not the iPod I want, but as for my bday, its kind of a milestone. 35. :D

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