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Windshield Wiper Module Replacement


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:confused: My windshield wipers haven't been working right for some time. I finally got tired of having to stop and put the fuse back in everytime it started raining. I read all of the posts like the link below and called the dealer and was confinced that the wiper module needed to be replaced. I bought one for $125.00 and after two more trips to find a wiper puller, handy little tool, and a few more hours it was replaced. I got everything put back and started the truck. The wipers seem to "jump" to home position and will not move. I can turn them off and they seem to "relax". I pulled them up the windshield and turned them on again and again they jumped to the home position and would not move. I'm going to try to pull the battery cable off next and see if that helps anything.


Any ideas?




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:withstupid: (me, myself and I)


OK. I feel like a complete idiot.


A word to anyone preparing to do this. After you get the cowling off there is a black plate that has to be removed to take the module off. Like an idiot I took off all of the screws and entire unit out. I replaced the relay module and when I went to put the wipers back into the truck I must have moved the linkage to the opposite side. The wipers were trying to run backwards.


I removed the wiper arms and marked the studs so I would know if they were rotating on the bottom. With the arms gone they must have been able to reset themselves because they are now working fine.


Other than screwing it up it was a pretty easy fix. :cheers::jester:

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