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So I'm Gonna Tell You Guys What Caused My Fire


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So as many of you know, my truck 03 SSS caught fire on Feb 4, 2008 and nearly took my house down with it. About a week after the fire, a fire investigator came and assessed my truck to determine the cause of the blaze and after conducting all necessary test he concluded that the front differential/constant velocity (CV) area on the driver's side was the hottest and that area was most likely the point of origin.


The truck was then shipped to Helena, MT and the fire investigator met with a representative from GM who also looked at the truck, and came up with a similar cause. From what i have heard from the investigator, this isn't the first fire in that area on these style trucks (not neccessarily the SS but in 4x4 1500 silverado's).


My truck had been in the Chevy dealership 4 or 5 times for a noisy front differential, all of which they replaced the front carrier bearings, and the last time they replaced the whole front differential and went through the transfer case. I dont think the dealership is at fault, its just one of those things that happens. Something that i thought would never happen to me. :lol:


so take this info and use it to protect yourself and your truck. I'm not saying it will happen to your truck, but there is a possibility that it could, so take some precautions and be on the safe side.



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definitely some VERY useful information Cody!! thanks for sharing!!!! once again, sorry for your loss, but the TBSS is looking very nice man!






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Wow ... I'm amazed at the heat that must have been generated, to melt threw, smolder, then catch the rest of the truck on fire ....


BTW ... I was just thinking the other day that we have not heard from you, regarding this issue.

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