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Need New Tires...


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i have been running 305/35/24 bf kdw IIs and LOVE them. only issue is that they are too tall. so i was going to do a 295/35/24 nitto 420s, but its only like .6" narrower and .5" shorter. now i have a new idea... 285/30/24 nitto 420s or pirelli pzero nero. they are 30.7" tall, and about 11.2" wide. i know i wanted the widest possible rear tire, but im really limited here with the 24. in the near future, gunna get some asanti 126 wheels (black face/body color lip/blue pinstripe)... but until then im thinking the smaller tire. any thoughts/ideas?

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Well I know 305/35's are a lil to meaty for your drop and the 295/35's dont really make much of a difference, but being that your going with a aluminum 3pc wheel I say stick to the tires with the most meat becasue Asanti are a lot easier to bend than a regular wheel and asanti isnt one of those wheels you can just go to the rim shop and get replaced you gotta have it made... with that said I say go with the 295/35 and stay away from pirelli and stick to bfg, toyo, nitto, :thumbs:

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