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Death Of A Bmw M5


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On the way back from lunch this sunny afternoon with about 50* weather, I pulled out of the strip mall parking lot behind a 00-03ish looking royal blue BMW M5. Looked really nice. I was salivating. Well, we rolled out at about 15020ish mph. He got in the right lane I in the left. I was just seriously going to pass him, slowly. When I got to his door at about 35ish mph, he nailed it...perfect...thats the sweetspot of the SS alright :rolleyes: So I split second decided I was already 50% throttle, why not tip in 100%. I went WOT, gained back the half car jump he got and put his front bumper on my back bumpere within a couple of seconds. Shut it down. Caught a light, he turned off and I am still wearing the smile. I think those are the 400-450hp versions. I was prepared to get my a$$ handed to me. Oh well. Have nice day!

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I am sorry, but I have to use caps on this 1, NO F#ING WAY THAT IS SWEEEEEEETTTT!!!! My buddy has that m5 and says my truck was a waste of money (his fam owns a bmw dealership). Just need to have someone with mods show him up and he will see who has the better machine. I keep telling him he is underestimating my truck, but no "that thing is slow and a waste of money."


must say those are my 2 favorite vehicles their though.

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