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Another Ma Meeting

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I want to try to take the truck into Boston before the snow hits the ground. Anyone game on blasting through the tunnels and making some noise? My truck is not on the road right now but will be shortly. I am thinking around thanksgiving would be good or sometime around there. Any MA guys, put in some ideas so we can have a little rally before the winter hits. I was thinking rally the tunnels in Boston, then hit F1 in Braintree after......let me know or if you have other ideas lets hear em.


***meet is December 7th. snow or rain it is called off***

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Ya I work on saturdays so I am trying to figure out what other day would be good (sunday=patriots). I know around thanksgiving would be good, just have to register my truck first and I am set. I am hoping around thanksgiving if not early december.


cant give an exact date yet as I am waiting for a high school reunion confirmation on the day.

I actually have a better idea on where we could go driving if you guys want to come out to central MA and we could take some really sweet pics of our trucks together. I know perfect spots. And some real fun roads but not tunnels.

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Well its now the 23rd, and I know what days I cannot make the get together. Saturdays and November 28th are not eligible for me. I will not be driving (truck is off the road for winter). Just want to keep you guys updated and that this is still in progress.

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