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06 2wd Brakes, Front.


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Right now they are still on the truck, will come off as soon as i have a buyer and i get all the parts for my upgrade.


Whats included:


(2) PBR2 calipers

(2) Caliper brackets

(2) R1 concept crossdrilled/sloter premium rotors

(4) Ceramic pads


Looking to get 650 +shipping (will split the cost since it's gonna be heavy), the pads and rotors only have a few hundred miles on them.



This is an awsome upgrade for the AWD guys whit the smaller rotor/calipers up front.



You can kinda see them here. Will take more photos upon request.




Izzy :chevy:

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BUMP. Little update of whatts included:


(2) pbr2 calipers w/banjo bolts and new crush washers

(4) ceramic brake pads, still like new

(2) 13" rotors freshly cut


Pretty much everything ready to bolt up, now asking 450+ shipping and yes i have them all boxed up. I should have pics up tonight.



Their alittle dirty but ill clean them to the best of my abillity, this is only the drivers side kit will include the passenger side aswell.


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