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Fuel Pump Hot Wire Kit For 99-02 Firebird And Camaro (and '03 And


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Fuel Pump Hot Wire Kit for 99-02 Firebird and Camaro (and '03 and '04 return AND returnless style trucks)



This is/was a DIRECT plug-N-play harness for my '03 Silverado SS fuel system (return style). Did not have to cut


or splice a single wire. SUPER easy to install, takes only about an hour, you don't even have to remove the tank.


This harness plugged right in to all the factory connectors, again, no cutting or splicing. I no longer need this


harness as i have completely rebuilt my fuel system and the new system came with its own wiring. Works 100% fine,


just removed it yesterday. This may and probably will work on other vehicles but i cannot say for sure. wkdivr has


this exact same harness on his '04 GMC Sierra returnless truck and it fit his with no cutting or splicing either.


$35 shipped (add 3% for paypal fees if using paypal)



Info for this harness can be found at







(info taken from fullthrottlespeed.com website)


Fits cars with plastic tank only!


Voltage is what makes your fuel pump, pump. More voltage = more fuel, less voltage = less fuel. In our testing a


change from 13 to 12 volts on a Walbro pump will reduce fuel pump delivery by 20%! The stock wiring is barely good


enough for the stock pump but when you add a high performance pump it is not up to the task since current demands


go up quite a bit and in some cases they double. Enter our Hot Wire Kit. We pull the power from the back of the


alternator where voltage is highest and then route it to the back of the car using heavy duty 10 gauge wire for


maximum power and minimum drop. We also use factory style sealed connectors and a weather sealed 40 amp relay for


"plug and play", no wire cutting installation. We also provide for additional ground connections for maximum


performance since that needs an upgrade as well.






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