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I'm sure mine is not the first truck to run this Muffler, but I haven't found another one yet. Supposedly it was made to combat the drone of the GM 6.0. It has an airfoil of sorts to split airflow a little on the incoming air charge, supposedly using the same technology as their bullet style turbine mufflers. The 640 has dual 3" inlets and a single 4" outlet, it's going on tomorrow, I'll report back with the results. Bet this thing is gonna be wicked when I add my Headers and cat delete later on. Should compliment a blower well :D BTW, that's a 4" madrelbent SS Magnaflow tailpipe inteded for use behind a duramax, I'm sure a little modding will be in order, but I wanted them to start with a nice piece that would only needed to be sectioned a little to work.



Many Truck owners have complained about cab resonance found in other aftermarket performance mufflers when installing performance mufflers on their Chevy or GMC Vortec 6.0 Trucks This is Aero Performance Exhaust´s solution to this very common problem. The STX 640 will give Vortec 6.0 owners the benefit of hi-performance gains without worrying about the need for a stock muffler that inhibits the flow and performance of their high-output engine.


The STX 640 muffler helps maintain a stock cab sound while having the benefits of a performance enhancing muffler. The unique design of the STX 640 allows for exponential flow increase while silencing the exhaust system´s overall decibel level. This muffler is only recommended for GMC and Chevrolet 6.0 vortec engine owners, other installations may need a Y pipe before the dual inlet on single pipe exhaust systems as it is only meant for one direction flow and cannot be reversed for single to dual configuration. Also please note that a 4" inch tailpipe may be needed as well. We recommend a our DT4050 as an exhaust tip when considering this muffler as it is made for 4 inch systems.



Mocked up




3" Inlets with 12oz beverage of choice for size comparison


4" Outlet


Inlets at an angle to show straight through


For all you freaks haha, I'm 6'5" and that's a big paw swallowed up in that outlet..... Gotta love it




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The simularity between Magnaflow and the STX is what drew me in. If I can get the Magnaflow sound with a quiet cab I'll be happy, but I'll have to see. I just can't handle the drone, I make frequent trips to Memphis and 5-6hrs of resonating my brain is a no go. If this doesn't work out, I may go back to a Corsa set up similar to my 1500HD.

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Need to get better clips, it really sound great, but guess what... it drones it's ass off. So much for this muff being designed specifically to kill resonance on a 6.0. Gonna try to build a side branch resonator and see how that works. I've heard worse, it's not as bad as flowmaster, but I'm so spoiled to my old Corsa, I can't put up with any drone at all now, lol. In its defense, it only drones bad under a load (ie, accelerating through the 1800-2200rpm) Once at speed and just cruising, the resonance is not bad at all, even in this rpm range.

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Been doing a lot of reading on drone and the cause. I've considered doing several different things, from shortening the tailpipe to installing a sidebranch resonator, but I read where some titans that have the Banks exhaust have a very similar issue and seems to be cause by the tip. They replace the 5" tip (theirs is 3" to 5" inch, mine is 4" to 5" of very similar construction, both rolled tips) with a Zoomer double walled 3"id tip with a 4"od. But, my tip is welded, so I figured I would try something that would give a shorter tailpipe and a tip delete. I disconnected the pipe at the clamp behind the axle and let the exhaust dump there..... guess what, the drone seems to be gone during a quick lap through the subdivision. I'm gonna take it for a cruise in a bit and put it through it's paces, keep your fingers crossed.

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