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Any Ipod Modders On Here?


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OK I've flashed my 5.5 iPod by doing a firmware flash and also just doing the images (Replacing) with ipodwizard.

Either way worked fine and I have new background and such. But I can't access any of my music or vids no more. they are showing empty. So I flash back my original backup and it's all good, Music and Vids are still there and accessable.


What am I doing wrong. I really don't want to flash to a empty HD just to upload all my Sh|T again.

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Nevermind. I figured it out. MODS delete this thread & sorry for wasting space.


If anyone needs to know.. After you flash the new theme. You must reboot the ipod then open it in itunes then disconnect it from itunes and you'll retain your files...


FYI Ipod looks like this now :D


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i'm confused as to what you did but it looks bad ass. When you say 5.5, you mean the update 5.5 version or is that a version of an ipod itself like the nano?


Yes I have and iPod Video 30gig it's got the 5.5 firmware. (in other words it has the search function). 5.0 firmware don't have the "search" but it's still moddable.

You can flash "Themes" to them. It came fairly easy to me because I spent lots of time doing the same things to Cell Phones.

What I "Flashed" was an already made "Theme". Making one from scratch takes lots of time. Soooo many images to edit.

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