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Another World Record For The Gm Crowd


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For those who might be interested...with video...




ZZP Smashes the 3800 FWD ET Record!



Sat 10-18, we headed out to Knoll Gas Motorsports Park today for their test/tune session. The first pass out of the trailer, boost was set to 22 psi. The burnout was poor so the car was launched at a paultry 4psi. Boost was bumped to 24 in the back half. This was good enough to take the record back by a significant margin and close in on 160mph traps.


60' 1.4232

1/8 5.6610 @ 129.00mph

1/4 8.7292 @ 159.52mph


For the second pass, we dropped the tire pressure a little, got a little better burnout, and launched at 7 psi.


60' 1.3560

1/8 5.5823 @ 128.88mph

1/4 8.6582 @ 158.97mph


Then they glued the track. Watching a few RWD cars ride the wheelie bars well past the sixty foot, Matt decided to get more aggressive. We dropped the tire pressure a little more, set the boost controller to run 26 psi the whole pass, and got a better burnout. Launching at 9 psi and it stuck! Unfortunately this was too much for the drivetrain. Something let go about 1 second into the run and it reved to ~8000 RPM. At first glance it appears that the driver side axle let go, but we will have to do a full inspection before knowing for certain what broke. We'll update once the info is available.

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