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In Cabin Air Filter


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From GM



Starting in the 2003 model year, the passenger compartment air filter is

no longer available as a factory option. With the redesigned HVAC case,

there is no longer a cavity for the filter. The GM parts catalog

indicates there is a replacement filter available however there is no

provision for it.

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i realized this the hard way when i first got my truck :banghead: , i bought one cabin filter. tried to put in one day. tried for bout 20 minutes, checked my haynes then realized it wouldn't work :D oh well anyone need a cabin filter never used sitting in my garage? lol

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WOW!, I was just going to buy a new filter for my 03. Had the part # and everything, but I guess there is no need.

Now I am going to have to check the owners manual as I sure thought the filter was mentioned in there.


Thanks for the info.



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